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Florida's first natural gas storage facility approved!

Why do we need a natural gas storage facility in Florida?
Florida is the nation's fastest growing state. In 2013 and the coming years, natural gas demand is anticipated to grow significantly, especially in the peak summer season. During peak times, the natural gas pipeline capacity currently available is fully utilized. Without gas storage capacity, use of other fuel sources, such as oil, will continue to be used to meet the peak day loads. Natural gas storage will also provide an important back-up fuel source for Florida should traditional fuel supplies be interrupted by a hurricane or other unexpected interuption.

Where will the storage
facility be located?
At the 175 acre site of the former Florida Steel in an industrial area near Indiantown in Martin County Florida.

Why Indiantown?
Both of Florida's natural gas supply pipelines from the Gulf Coast are nearby, allowing the gas to be delivered directly from the pipelines into storage during low-demand periods and redelivered to capacity holders when it is needed.

Floridian Natural Gas Storage Company, LLC (FGS) is a new company providing Florida's power and gas companies with a tool to enhance system reliability, improve gas supply security and increase price stability.

Open Season
FGS is accepting requests for service from interested parties for firm storage service at its proposed natural gas storage facility near Indiantown in Martin County, Florida. [ FGS Pro Forma Tariff (PDF) | FGS Request for Service Form (PDF) ]

Natural gas is safe. In fact, among all energy sources, natural gas in a liquid form has an enviable safety record. Because the stored gas is cooled to a liquid state, it is not explosive and will not burn. There has not been a liquefied natural gas accident in this country in more than 60 years. Permitting, construction, training and operating standards are rigorous for gas facilities and are overseen by Federal and State regulators. [read more]
Our Environment
Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel used for power generation in the United States today and is highly efficient. The project will require the approvals of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as well as state and local regulatory authorities. [read more]

Quote about Floridian Natural Gas Storage from Florida Division of Emergency Management Director, W. Craig Fugate. Click to read letter.

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